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--First participation of Caudillos in a player draft As part of the 2023 Draft of the American Football League (LFA), the Caudillos de Chihuahua team validated the selection of three players from the ONEFA Major League and a trade for the 2023 Season. Within the first round of selection, Caudillos chose the player Iván Hernández Gleason, a defensive lineman who defended the colors of Pumas Acatlán, becoming the first player in history chosen by Chihuahua in an American football draft. In the second round, Caudillos traded his pick with the Mexico City Reds team in exchange for running back Justin...

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Caudillos, Draft, LFA -

--More than 80 players will seek to be chosen by the LFA professional teams   The Caudillos de Chihuahua team is ready to participate in the 2023 Draft of the American Football League (LFA) for the 2023 Season, as announced by the Caudillos Head Coach, Federico Landeros. The Draft consists of choosing players who have completed their college/major league eligibility stage and are ready for the professional phase of American football. The logistics of the Draft are divided into six rounds of selection, where each pick belongs to the order of the list of teams for the selection of players....

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