Se prepara Federico Landeros para la temporada 2022 del torneo FAMYOX

Federico Landeros prepares for the 2022 season of the FAMYOX tournament

Upon his arrival at Caudillos Pro Football Chihuahua, Federico Landeros Junior, it is clear that the path for this year will be more than complicated, since the teams he will face have reinforced their lines which will make the 2022 season of the Mexican American Football League FAM-YOX the most competitive in history.

“We are clear that there is no easy rival and even less so now that we have had to see how well the other teams are putting together to seek the championship at all times,” he said. 

Landeros Junior arrived as offensive coordinator at Caudillos in the franchise's debut season in 2020, where he remained until his appointment as head coach, before being part of Águilas UACH from 1999 to 2017.

"We are going step by step, at this moment we are in physical conditioning and putting together the playbook for this campaign, the work plan with the physical trainers and the medical staff has been designed to arrive in optimal conditions for the competition and we are going to follow it to the letter,” he highlights.

Federico also has experience in the national team as defensive line coach Tazón Azteca 2011, Corredores coach Tazón Azteca 2014 head coach U-16 International Bowl 2018 and with Club Broncos México against USA Select Team in 2018 at AT&T Stadium, in Arlington Texas USA.

"As for the players, we are already analyzing the possible local players who will remain for the next cuts and we believe that the national players will also arrive with enormous quality. We have to objectively analyze who will be the foreigners who occupy a place, because fortunately the response has been huge,” he said.

For now, Caudillos maintains practices from Monday to Saturday at the UACH University Olympic Stadium, from which the final list of the definitive roster for the FAM-YOX 2022 campaign will emerge.

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