Se impone Caudillos de Chihuahua a Jefes de Juárez en el arranque de la LFA

Caudillos of Chihuahua prevail over Chiefs of Juárez at the start of the LFA

--Caudillos signs his first victory in the 2023 LFA season

Caudillos de Chihuahua begins its participation in the LFA American Football League with a victory on the border, beating the Ciudad Juárez Chiefs 20 points to 12.

At the start of the game, one play was enough for the Caudillos team to take the lead on the scoreboard with a spectacular 56-yard pass from QB Jeremy Johnson #6 to Emmanuel Harris #15, complementing the good extra point to make it 7-0 just thirteen seconds into the game.

The Chiefs reacted quickly and with a 90-yard kick return from K. Moore, the score was 6-7 after missing the extra point.

During the second quarter the defenses prevailed and managed to control the opposing attacks. Caudillos on 4th down and 4 inside the Chiefs' 15-yard line, would not be able to make the first down.

With 1:40 left before halftime, a Joshua Donaldson interception would return 30 yards to the end zone to put Caudillos up 6-14 after Enrique López scored the extra point.

In the third quarter, the Chiefs would have their longest offensive of the game, consuming 9:00 minutes of the clock and reaching the red zone, however, Caudillos' defense would prevail and stop them on fourth down to regain possession. The score remains 6-14 for Chihuahua.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter with a 4-yard run, the #21 running back of the Juárez Chiefs, Johnson, would put up six points for the locals, who would later attempt the two-point conversion that would not be completed. The score 12-14 favoring Caudillos.

On the punt, Juwan Manigo #13, would spectacularly return 90 yards to increase Caudillos' lead to 20 points to 12 for Jefes, the extra point would be blocked by the locals.

With this score, Caudillos de Chihuahua achieves its first victory in the 2023 LFA season, having its next match on March 11 at home, when it receives the Galgos de Tijuana at 7:00 p.m.

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