Reafirma Caudillos el liderato con triunfo ante Fundidores en Monterrey

Caudillos reaffirms leadership with victory against Fundidors in Monterrey

  • Perfect step by Caudillos, seven consecutive wins in the LFA

The Chihuahua team, the Caudillos, reaffirmed the leadership of the league after beating the Fundidores in Monterrey, with a score of 25-33, in activity corresponding to Week 7 of the LFA American Football League.

Caudillos de Chihuahua would be in charge of receiving the kickoff of the game, remaining at the 1-yard line of their own field. After a dominant offensive series, Chihuahua would be in the Fundidores red zone and with a 4-yard pass from Jeremy Johnson (#6) to Markcus Hardy (#18) they would score the first six points of the game, Enrique López (#16) would take charge to score the extra point to make it 0-7.

Caudillos' defense would look dominant during the first and second quarters, with three sacks by Javier Dyer (#7) and one more by Octavio González (#93)

The home team would be prey to its own mistakes with a series of penalties against it between interferences and false starts. The second score would come with the Johnson-Harris combination with a 5-yard pass, making the score 0-14 after the good point.

Monterrey would try to get on the scoreboard in the second quarter, however they would miss their 26-yard field goal attempt.

Caudillos would hit again through the air with a pass from Jeremy Johnson again to Emmanuel Harris (#15) to make it 0-21 with the extra point from López.

In the third quarter, Fundidores would break the score with a 20-yard pass to Tommy Auger (#39), to make the score 7-21. And he would later score three more points from 18 yards away, making it 10-21.

In the punt, Juwan Manigo (#13) with the house mark, would score six points for Chihuahua with a 99-yard return, increasing the lead to 10-27 to close the third quarter.

Caudillos' defense would continue to dominate on the field, with one more sack by Javier Dyer. However, “the royals” would get closer on the scoreboard again after Tommy Auger's aerial score, 17-27 after the extra point.

In a back-and-forth closing, Chihuahua would hit with the combination of Johnson and Manigo, a 35-yard pass to make the score 27-33 for the visit.

Monterrey would respond again with six more points through the air and successfully converting, to close the score at 25-33 with five minutes remaining. However, Caudillos' defense would be present to stop the locals' last attack and close the game in favor of the Chihuahua team.

Caudillos de Chihuahua gives a coup of authority in the American Football League, sealing its seventh consecutive victory and placing itself at the top of the table with a record of 7-0, while Fundidores is placed with a mark of 3 wins and 4 lost.

The following week, Caudillos will host the Gallos Negros de Querétaro in Week 8 of the LFA.

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