“Queremos hacer historia”: Jorge Ginther, presidente de Caudillos de Chihuahua

“We want to make history”: Jorge Ginther, president of Caudillos de Chihuahua

A few weeks after the debut of the Caudillos de Chihuahua in the 2022 season of the FAM-YOX Mexican American Football League against the Parrilleros de Monterrey, confidence and the desire to transcend permeate within the Chihuahua team. 

Jorge Ginther, president of Caudillos de Chihuahua, assures that the board, the coaching staff, players, sponsors and all the fans are ready to write an important chapter in sports in the history of this city.

“We are very excited, very happy and with an immense desire for this to start. Caudillos' mission is to make history. “To do it for American football in Chihuahua and all of Mexico, to make history for all the people who have given us their support,” said Jorge Ginther.

After what the team did in the 2020 season, where it debuted on the right foot in the league, by remaining undefeated and recording great innings in its home games at the Estadio Olimpico Universitario, Caudillos' motivation and commitment increases.

“What we did two years ago fills us with pride and satisfaction, but it is now behind us. We need to create important things again, to get people excited again with the return of their Leaders. We have many things prepared for you, surprises that you cannot miss, that is why we ask for your support and we will all see you at the stadium,” said Ginther Arzaga.

The Caudillos de Chihuahua continue with their preseason work towards their debut in the “Sultana del Norte” against the Parrilleros de Monterrey on April 29. The sale of season tickets for the 2022 Caudillos season in Chihuahua is available at www.topticket.mx.

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