Lleva Fundación Caudillos mensaje de superación a Centro de Rehabilitación “Un Regalo de Vida”

Caudillos Foundation brings a message of improvement to the “A Gift of Life” Rehabilitation Center

Within the altruistic activities of the Caudillos de Chihuahua team, through the Caudillos Foundation, a coexistence was held with people in the process of addiction rehabilitation from the Rehabilitation Center “A Gift of Life”.

As part of the “We Are All Team” program, the Caudillos Foundation attended with part of the Staff, led by President Evelyn Holguín, who held a gathering and delivered groceries for the Institution.

Likewise, the players Eder Padilla, Francisco López and Mauricio “Cuate” Aguilar attended the meeting. The player Mauricio Aguilar was the one who shared a motivational and improvement message to the people who are within the Rehabilitation Center.

“Devoting time to people who are in a rehabilitation process is of utmost importance for us as part of Fundación Caudillos, contributing from our trenches in their improvement treatment, strengthens us to continue with our coexistence and delivery activities. of support to the institutions with the greatest need in our society. “We are very grateful to all the staff of the “A Gift of Life” Center for opening the doors to us and for the trust placed in Fundación Caudillos,” commented the president, Evelyn Holguín.

With these events, we seek to motivate people, as well as give them a moment of recreation, distraction, coexistence and activities with the Caudillos de Chihuahua players. 

The capital team will continue with social work in the coming days, through a schedule of activities strategically planned by the Caudillos Foundation.

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