Listo el calendario de temporada regular

Regular season schedule ready

They open visiting Parrilleros in Monterrey on the opening day

Chihuahua, Chih.- The Caudillos Chihuahua Profootball calendar was announced for the regular round, ahead of the 2021 season, of the Mexican American Football League.

Those led by Mauricio Balderrama open visiting activities in the Sultana del Norte, when they face Parrilleros de Monterrey on the opening day.

Their presentation at home will be on the second date, when they receive Pioneros de Querétaro on Saturday, May 7 at the facilities of the University Olympic Stadium of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, Caudillos Profootball headquarters.

The regional duel will take place on June 11, when Caudillos travels to the best border in the country, to face Rarámuris from Ciudad Juárez.

Caudillos' rivals:

Opening day
Vs Grillers in Monterrey

May 7th
Vs Pioneers of Querétaro in EOU UACH

May 14 Rest

May 22nd
Vs Rojos CdMx in EOU UACH

May 28
Vs Tequileros in Guadalajara


June 4
Vs Cancun Sharks at EOU UACH

11th of June
Vs Raramuris in Ciudad Juárez

June 18
Vs Marlins in Los Cabos

June 25th
Vs CdMx Bulldogs at EOU UACH

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