Josué López Burgos firma para la pretemporada 2022

Josué López Burgos signs for the 2022 preseason

“I'm excited to play at home”

Josué López Burgos signs for the 2022 preseason

Looking to earn a place on the Caudillos Chihuahua Pro Football offensive line, Josué López Burgos signed for this 2022 preseason, ahead of the FAM-YOX Mexican American Football League campaign.

“A different experience is a change in level of football and excited to return to playing at home,” he said.

“I come to contribute to the team, to commit myself one hundred percent to the needs of the team, to achieve the goal of being protagonists again and reaching the championship,” he added. 

“We know of Josué's enormous capacity and we trust that he will do what is necessary to occupy a place in the final squad for this 2022 season,” said Mauricio Balderrama, Caudillos head coach.

Close up: 

Name: Josué López Burgos

Age: 27 years 

Height: 1.99 meters

Weight: 140 kilos 

Position: Offensive Lineman 

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