Inicia Caudillos de Chihuahua su camino para la temporada 2022  de la FAM-YOX

Caudillos de Chihuahua begins its path to the 2022 FAM-YOX season

The Chihuahua Caudillos team officially presented itself to the
media through a press conference where they announced
know all the details of the capital team heading into the 2022 season of the
Mexican American Football League FAM-YOX.
The event began with a large presidium, attended by the
head of CODAFYR of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, Óscar Erives; he
director of the Municipal Institute of Physical Culture and Sports, José Abdo; he
FAM Operational Manager, Juan Pablo Zaldívar; the franchisee of Jefes de
Ciudad Juárez, César Durán and the representative of YOX, Anuar Talamás; as well as
the president of the Caudillos Foundation, Evelyn Holguín; the players Maurice
Woodard, Diego Bedolla and Joseph Holguín; in addition to the Head Coach, Federico
Landeros and the president of Caudillos, Jorge Ginther.
Within the day's program, the team's pre-roster list was announced,
where the Head Coach, Federico Landeros, said he was happy with the commitment
shown by the players to earn their place on the squad. (Roster is attached
of Caudillos).
Likewise, the start of sales of Caudillos de Caudillos “subscriptions” was made official.
Chihuahua, the maximum pass is the “Platino Black” which costs $1,100 per
which includes:
• Access to the 4 Caudillos de Chihuahua home games.
• 25% discount on preferential purchase of Playoff tickets.
• 10% discount in the official Caudillos store.
• Preferential drinks bar during matches.
• Preferential access to the stadium.
• Free entry to events and gatherings with players.
• 1 ticket for the gift of a car.
The sale of “Platino Black” is available starting this March 25
on the island of Caudillos Proshop (located in Fashion Mall), in Corner Sport and in
online through the page
“Our beloved Chihuahua fans of American football are the best of all.”
Mexico. Two years ago they left me speechless, they were spectacular.
They filled the stadium and were attentive to the team. People were already counting
hours for the return of the Caudillos and here we are back, we are not going to
disappoint, we have a party prepared for our return. Chihuahua is
land of Caudillos!” commented President Jorge Ginther.
“I am proud of the team we have put together. The Head Coach, Federico
Landeros and his entire coaching staff have done an extraordinary job.
Caudillos is the ideal combination of Chihuahuan, national and
international and together we go for the championship,” added Ginther Arzaga.
It will be in the next few days when the Caudillos de Chihuahua team, through a
event for media and fans will reveal the uniforms
What they will wear in the 2022 season of the Mexican American Football League
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