Convive Caudillos de Chihuahua con alumnos de la Escuela Cuauhtémoc

Caudillos of Chihuahua coexist with students from the Cuauhtémoc School

--As part of the social program “Leaders in your school.”

Students from the “Cuauhtémoc” Primary School received a pleasant visit from the members of the Caudillos de Chihuahua team as part of the social work of the Chihuahuan campus.

Players, coaching staff, staff and support staff of the team carried out a series of contests and physical activations with the student community, in the same way each of the guests told part of their personal experience that led them to become professional players of football.

Likewise, the teaching and administrative staff of the basic education institution participated in this program called “Leaders in your school” which aims to strengthen the ties between society and the team.

All of these actions are part of the social program of the Caudillos Foundation, which remains in force throughout the 12 months, so visits to educational institutions will continue along with the rest of the programs managed by this foundation.

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