Caudillos mantiene racha invicta, tras vibrante partido ante Raptors

Caudillos maintains undefeated streak, after vibrant game against Raptors

Caudillos de Chihuahua achieves an exciting victory at the home of the Raptors of the Valley of Mexico, with a final score of 36-39 in week 9 of the LFA American Football League.

The game began with Caudillos on offense, who quickly placed themselves in rival territory with a pass from Jeremy Johnson to Markcus Hardy to put the ball in the red zone. On the next play, Chihuahua would open the scoring with a 17-yard run by Justin Lewis to make it 0-6 for the visit, Enrique López would be in charge of scoring the extra point to make it 0-7.

In their first offensive series, the Raptors would cover most of the field with short passes until they were inside the 5-yard line to score, however, Caudillos' defense overcame it on third down to force the home team to go for three points. , who would score their first three points of the match, score 3-7.

Caudillos would regain the advantage after a big play by Jeremy Johnson and Juwan Manigo with a 60-yard pass, leaving two on the offensive at the one yard line, who would be in charge of finishing the first opportunity through Johnson and Emmanuel Harris in the air, increasing the advantage, with López's extra point at 3-14 for Chihuahua.

In the second quarter, Caudillos would capitalize on a 13-yard pass from Johnson to Markcus Hardy by adding six more points, 3-20 for Chihuahua at the beginning of the second quarter.

The Chihuahua defense would take power on the field of play, stopping the local offense, giving way to the attack, through Fernando Mejía on a 20-yard run, putting Chihuahua inside the 5-yard line. Taking advantage of the location, Johnson would connect again with Hardy placing the numbers at 3-26.

Within the last minute of action before halftime, the Raptors and Caudillos would miss the opportunity to score three points, each missing a field goal attempt, the score at halftime being 3-26 in favor of Chihuahua.

In the reactivation of the game, the locals would hit quickly with a run inside the 10 yard line and making the extra point valid, score 10-26. For his part, Caudillos would take the ball to the red zone, playing a fourth chance without realizing the opportunity. Those from the Valley of Mexico would get closer to 16-26 after scoring through the air with a 40-yard pass.

The spectacular play of the game would be by Juwan Manigo, who from the 30-yard line of the Caudillos field, following a pass from Víctor Cruz, would take the ball to the diagonals to deliver the authoritative blow on the field, after the extra good, the score 16-33 at the start of the fourth quarter.

Raptors would advance on the field after receiving the ball, and would not give up after scoring through the air, attempting a two-point conversion, which would not be completed, electronic 22-33. At the end of the game, the home team would tighten the score after scoring six and making a good conversion, with 3 minutes left the score was 30-33.

However, Caudillos would correspond with one more score from Juwan Manigo, 30-39. With the last seconds on the clock, the Raptors would seek to ring the bell and bring the score closer to 36-39, attempting the short kick to recover the ball, a situation that they would not achieve and possession would go to Caudillos, who with a knee to the ground would tie up the vibrant victory.

With this victory, Caudillos de Chihuahua continues to make history in the American Football League, placing itself at the top of the general table with a 9-0 record.

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