Caudillos de Chihuahua invierte en la iluminación del Gimnasio MBA y Estadio Olímpico Universitario

Caudillos de Chihuahua invests in the lighting of the MBA Gym and University Olympic Stadium

-- The Caudillos board continues to support the community of university athletes. 

The Caudillos of Chihuahua continue to provide support to the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, in the restoration and maintenance of different sports buildings. On this occasion, a strong investment was made in the Manuel Bernardo Aguirre Gymnasium and the University Olympic Stadium.

The investment that the Caudillos organization made for the city's highest educational institution consisted of more than 1 million pesos, which were distributed in the aforementioned sports venues, to improve their lighting, thus seeking ideal lighting for the sport practice.

“We were supporting the lighting for both the University Olympic Stadium and the Manuel Bernardo Aguirre Gymnasium. It is a very important support so that the community of university athletes does not struggle with problems with the lights in the stadium, nor does Manuel Bernardo Aguirre,” said Jorge Ginther, director of the Caudillos de Chihuahua.

In addition, the president of the institution highlighted his commitment to the Autonomous University of Chihuahua and all the athletes who use its different facilities.

“We are leaving here, the least we can do is give a grain of sand with everything that the UACH gave to us, we are proudly UACH,” concluded Jorge Ginther.

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