Caudillos de Chihuahua Campeón del Tazón México

Caudillos de Chihuahua Champion of the Mexico Bowl

First team to cap an undefeated season in the LFA

The Caudillos de Chihuahua team won the Mexico VI Bowl championship, after beating the Dinos de Saltillo team, with a final score of 10-0 in the final of the American Football League.

Before a spectacular entrance at the Olympic University Stadium with an attendance of 18,930 attendees, the Mexico VI Bowl began where the host team Caudillos began with the first offensive starting from their own twenty yard line, where they failed to score points. Already at the controls, the Dinos team in its first attack could not with the defense of the Chihuahua team, showing off the excellent defenses of both teams, in the first quarter neither team was able to reflect points on the scoreboard.

The second quarter continued with the same tone as the first quarter, where both defenses brought out their power and thus ensured that no points were reflected on the scoreboard during the first half of the Mexico Bowl. It was the Dinos team who would miss their field goal attempt. This is how both teams went to rest, and all the fans who gathered were able to enjoy the Halftime Show by Panteón Rococó.

Once the actions of the third period started, the great emotions began, the Dinos team would block a punt from the Caudillos team, before this great play they left their offense in the goal zone, but the Chihuahua team was not far behind and Jorge Revell intercepted the ball in the end zone, thereby not allowing points to the Dinos team.

This raised the spirits of the Caudillos team so that QB Jeremy Johnson dragged the ball from the 20 yard line, until he reached the red zone to give the ball to Fernando Mejía and make a six-yard run, so that with this the team host went ahead 7-0 thanks to Enrique López's extra point.

The Saltillo team lost the opportunity to get closer on the scoreboard after missing a 33-yard field goal.

For the last quarter of the Mexico Bowl, Caudillos' team continued to gain yards until reaching the red zone and scoring a 29-yard field goal at the feet of Enrique López, to increase the lead to 10-0.

The Dinos team kept trying to move the ball to the end zone, but they could not continue achieving their goal, since the Chihuahua team would manage to stop them and have to hand over the ball.

To secure the game, the Caudillos team with a victory formation managed to finish the last seconds of the game. With this, the Caudillos de Chihuahua team makes history within the American Football League, by becoming the first team to win the Mexico Bowl undefeated in their first season in the LFA.b

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