Caudillos de Chihuahua avanza al Tazón México, va por el campeonato nacional

Caudillos de Chihuahua advances to the Mexico Bowl, goes for the national championship

Caudillos de Chihuahua achieved victory in the semifinal of the American Football League, eliminating the current champions Fundidores de Monterrey, ensuring their place in the Mexico Bowl for the national championship. The final score was 34-20 for Chihuahua.

The game began with Caudillos on offense, who accurately began moving the ball from the 20-yard line of their field of play, until achieving the first score of the game with a pass from Jeremy Johnson to Marckus Hardy from ten yards out, to set the score. score 6-0.

In their first offensive series, Funders could not against Caudillos' defense, where they did not obtain points.

Once again having control of the offense, Caudillos continued with the power, dragging the ball on the ground and in the air, where he managed to increase his lead to 12-0 with a seven-yard running play by player Justin Lewis.

During the second offensive of the melters team, Caudillos' defense did not let its guard down and managed to finish the 1st quarter with a 12-point lead over the visiting team, leaving them scoreless.

In the second quarter, Caudillos would capitalize on an eight-yard pass from Johnson to Emmanuel Harris to increase the melters team's lead to 18 points over 0.

Within the last minutes of action before halftime, the Caudillos team, through the player Fernando Mejía, would run the ball 6 yards to the end zone, so that on the next play the kicker Enrique López would make the extra point, thus the team local team will dominate the score 25 to 0.

Before the end of the second quarter of the game, the Fundidores team reacted with a 78-yard pass from their QB and left the scoreboard at 25 to 7.

In the last play, the Caudillos defense closed the actions of the second quarter with a flourish, where the player Leondre Crosby blocked a field goal attempt by the visiting team where he himself recovered the ball by carrying it

45 yards to the end zone, adding six more points to the scoreboard, leaving the score at 31 to 7 at halftime.

When the game resumed, the visiting team took control of the first offensive series where they managed to capitalize on the score, getting closer to 31 - 13.

During the first offensive of the Caudillos team in the third quarter, the locals approached the end zone, managing to achieve a 26-yard field goal by Enrique López, placing the numbers at 33 to 13, with this result would end the third period of the match

At the start of the last quarter, Fundidores would advance on the field, and would not give up after converting a 1-yard area score, later making the extra point effective, the visiting team would get closer to the score by 34-20.

Caudillos de Chihuahua closed the last seconds of the last quarter of the game, with a victory formation, to tie the final score of 34-20, with this victory Caudillos advances to the LFA Mexico Bowl, where he will seek to be crowned the National Champion.

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