Caudillos Chihuahua presente en la presentación del equipo de fútbol americano de las Águilas de la UACH

Caudillos Chihuahua present at the presentation of the UACH Águilas American football team

 This Wednesday, October 27, the presentation of the UACH Águilas American football team took place at the facilities of the University Olympic Stadium. Caudillos Chihuahua and Águilas UACH cemented their alliance in American football. With the goal of putting the city of Chihuahua at the highest in sports in both categories.

Present in the presidium was Mr. Jorge Ivan Ginther Arzaga President of Caudillos Chihuahua professional American football team. As well as Lic. Evelyn Holguin Manriquez President of the Caudillos Foundation charity association. Accompanied by the General Coordinator of Sports, Physical Activation and Recreation Hanss Otthoniel Flores Porras. Who addressed some words of encouragement to the young players for the upcoming season. They also assured the players that there is a future in the sport at the next level.

After a few words from the presidium, the players were given their uniform for the 2021 ONEFA season, which will have its initial match on October 30, 2021.

The event was attended by the Caudillos Chihuahua team, who will be the anchor sponsor of the Águilas UACH for the 2021 season whose kick off will be on Saturday, October 30.

The cooperation between Caudillos Chihuahua and Águilas UACH will give university players the opportunity to take the next step in their careers as athletes and be part of a professional American football team, when their eligibility period as university students ends. Turning the UACH into an important hotbed of talent for Caudillos.

Caudillos Chihuahua and Águilas UACH, apart from sharing the same house, the UACH University Stadium, share the same goal of elevating sport to the highest level, always supporting young athletes to be their best version.

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